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Nube Unique is a hookah manufacturing company based in Krasnodar Russia, which is known as the “capital of the hookah industry.”

The company has created a unique and patented technology called the Cool Down Bowl Blow Technology, which can be controlled through a button and allows for easy management of the smoking process. The Nube Click system is also used to fix the hose, making the hookah more reliable.

Your Hookah`s are made of high-strength AISI 321 stainless steel, Austrian polyacetal and stabilized ash and zebrano wood.

Nube Unique produces several types of hookahs, including the Volt, Zebrano, Black One, and Junior. Each hookah has its own distinct characteristics. Additionally, the company has created the Nube Easy Clean flask cleaner, which enables hookah users to easily monitor the cleanliness of their device. Overall, Nube Unique to be a reputable and innovative company that is dedicated to improving the hookah experience for its customers.


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