Hookain Bowl Lit Lip Phunnel

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The Hookain Bowl Lit Lip Phunnel has a capacity of 13-17g. After about 1 hour, all the tobacco in the depot is evenly burned, although there are of course deviations in the type of tobacco and manufacturer.

The Lit Lip Phunnel from Hookain is made up of two different clays, which have been coordinated so that the tobacco head offers perfect heat management. The high-quality glaze and its processing protect the Phunnel from bleeding and is particularly durable.

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Weight0.55 lbs
Dimensions4.3 × 2.9 × 4.3 in

Aquarius, Baby Blue, BBC Shiny, Bluddy Swish, Bro-Nze, Cheddar, Cool Water, Cosmic Wave, Dicke Nudel, Dope Red, Fette-Q, Flat White Earth, Flat White Lemon Sorbet, Hollywood pink, Honeymoon, Leatherman, Pap-a-guy, Picachu, Pipi Kaka, Purple Lean, Radio Active, Red Crispy, Saf-tiger, Schland, Sky Blue, Slime, Toxic, Vintage Cringe, Xoxo, Yegörmeista, Zauron

Material: clay / stone
Size: 11cm
Width: approx. 7.5 cm
Depth tobacco depot: approx. 1.2 cm


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