Shisha, often referred to as hookah tobacco, is a flavored tobacco characterized by its syrupy texture. It is typically blended with ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, molasses, and an assortment of flavorings. This specially crafted tobacco is commonly enjoyed by smoking it through a hookah, a water pipe designed for this purpose. In certain regions, the term "shisha" is also used to denote the hookah pipe itself, reflecting the integral connection between the tobacco and the apparatus used for smoking it.

It is a specialized form of tobacco designed for use in water pipes, commonly known as hookahs. Unlike tobacco used in cigarettes, hookah tobacco is blended with molasses or honey, along with various flavorings and often glycerin. This mixture creates a moist, sticky product that is loaded into the hookah bowl to be smoked.

One of the distinguishing features of shisha is the wide range of flavors available.
Hookah tobacco comes in a variety of flavored blends ranging from exotic fruits to more traditional combinations. This allows users to customize their smoking experience according to their preferences.

Preparing a shisha involves using hot coals to heat the tobacco in a special bowl. The resulting smoke is passed through a bowl of water before being inhaled, which is believed to soften the smoke and provide a smoother experience.


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