Cyril Tradi Mini Base

Color: Blue
Sale price$30.00


Excellence with the Cyril Tradi Mini

Small traditional Russian base, compatible with all types of hookah.

• Neck diameter:1.7 in.
• Height:7 in approx.
• Material: Glass/glass
• Color: Black/Clear/Gray

Box Quantity: 9


Tradition and Elegance in Every Puff


The Cyril Tradi Mini Base is a true gem for hookah enthusiasts, seamlessly blending traditional Russian design with exceptional functionality. This compact yet powerful base has been meticulously crafted to be compatible with all types of hookahs, making it a versatile choice for any shisha aficionado.

The product’s specifications are impressive: boasting a neck diameter of 1.7 inches and standing at approximately 7 inches in height, the Cyril Tradi Mini Base fits seamlessly with your hookah, regardless of its size or style. Its high-quality glass construction ensures the purity of the flavor of your favorite tobacco, and it’s available in three elegant colors – black, clear, and gray – allowing you to personalize your smoking experience to match your aesthetic preferences.

Never underestimate the significance of a well-designed base in your hookah experience. The Tradi Mini Base is not just functional; it also adds a touch of elegance and authenticity to your smoking ritual. This product is a testament to Russian craftsmanship and their passion for hookah culture. Upgrade or start your hookah journey with the exceptional Tradi Mini Base for moments of relaxation and enjoyment.


About Tradi Mini Base


A true masterpiece for hookah enthusiasts. This compact yet powerful base seamlessly blends traditional Russian design with exceptional functionality. With a neck diameter of 1.7 inches and a height of around 7 inches, it’s compatible with all hookah types. Crafted from high-quality glass, it guarantees the purest tobacco flavor. Available in black, clear, and gray, it lets you customize your shisha experience. Elevate your hookah ritual with this elegant and authentic Russian creation. Whether you’re upgrading or just starting, the Tradi Mini Base is your perfect companion for relaxation and enjoyment.

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