Adalya English Lord

Size: 250g
Sale price$17.00


Adalya Hookah Tobacco English Lord

Adalya English Lord Hooka Tobacco – A premium hookah flavor featuring the perfect combination of ripe mango, sweet peach, raspberry and a hint of mint.

Experience the difference today with Adalya Hookah, the shisha that guarantees an amazing and unforgettable journey.

Appreciated by hookah enthusiasts around the world, this flavor is the epitome of sweetness and refreshment combined harmoniously. With every puff, experience the delicious fusion of flavors that has captured the hearts of hookah connoisseurs around the world.

Once you try Adalya English Lord, the exquisite combination of fruity richness and minty freshness will undoubtedly leave you hooked, making it a must-have for an unforgettable smoking experience.

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