Adalya Exagelado

Size: 250g
Sale price$17.00


Adalya Hookah Tobacco Exagelado

Adalya Exagelado, a delicious hookah tobacco blend that takes you on a fruity adventure in the forest. Dive into the succulent sweetness of juicy raspberries, experience the spiciness of lemon, and savor the fresh hint of mint that adds a refreshing touch to the mix.

Experience the difference today with Adalya Hookah, the shisha that guarantees an amazing and unforgettable journey.

This unique combination of flavors promises a vibrant and invigorating hookah experience, creating a perfect harmony that captivates the senses.

Adalya Exagelado invites you to enjoy the lush, fruity notes of the forest with every puff, ensuring a refreshing and unforgettable smoking session for enthusiasts looking for an explosion of fruity delight.

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