Agni Barbi Pack

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Agni Barbi Pack

Introducing the “Agni Barbi Pack” our most complete package to get you started in the world of Hookah in the best way and with the best products.

This package includes:

  • Agni Mystic Hookah – Pink
  • Cyril Bowl – Pink
  • Dual Premium Handle – Rose
  • Water Colorant – Metal Pink
  • Hose Soft Touch 11-16 – Pink
  • 3D Mouthtip – Peach
  • Amy Gold Tobacco 50 gr
  • Eternal Smoke Tobacco 50 gr
  • Foil Pre Cut Punched
  • Puncher
  • Charcoal Coco Us 25mm
  • Charcoal Holder PRVST

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