Agni Hookah Hammer

Color: Black
Sale price$85.00


Your Portable Smoking Companion


Experience the Agni Hookah Hammer, crafted for effortless mobility. Compact and convenient, it's your companion for gatherings, journeys, or professional engagements. Complete with precision tweezers, a flexible silicone hose, ergonomic grip, hose attachment, spring, and bowl.

Mobility Redefined: Indulge in top-tier smoking satisfaction wherever you roam – from social gatherings to globetrotting escapades or corporate rendezvous. Comprehensive Kit: Unveil charcoal with ease using the included tongs, savor smooth draws through the premium silicone hose, and grasp the handle designed for supreme comfort. Swift Assembly: With the swift-connecting attachment, you're moments away from igniting your hookah and relishing its pleasures. Uniform Airflow: Delight in consistent, velvety draws thanks to the integrated spring mechanism, ensuring an impeccably smooth smoking journey. Rich Experiences: The expertly crafted bowl heightens the essence and longevity of your preferred tobacco or shisha fusion, promising a transcendent smoking odyssey every session.

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