Agni Hookah Mystic

Color: Black
Sale price$75.00


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We proudly serve as the exclusive distributor of the Agni Hookah Mystic. Fueled by our commitment to exclusivity and excellence, we present a hookah that stands unmatched in its class. Our profound connection with this product has led to a close collaboration with manufacturers, ensuring the utmost standards of quality and design.

Every Agni hookah is accompanied by our authenticity seal, guaranteeing its origin and superior quality. In our relentless quest for the finest, we offer an unparalleled experience, transforming each inhalation into a distinctive journey. Join us and elevate your smoking ritual to unprecedented heights.


  • Resin-Finished Neck: Meticulously crafted with high-quality resin, the neck exudes elegance in a compact form, promising a stylish smoking experience.

  • Efficient Smoke Design: Compact yet high-performing, the hookah ensures consistent smoke, rivaling larger counterparts in quality, without sacrificing portability.

  • Stable Base: The stable base complements the mast's design, ensuring stability on any surface, enhancing the convenience of your smoking session.

  • Loaded Accessories: Despite its size, the Agni Hookah Mystic comes fully loaded with accessories for an exceptional experience, including a soft-touch silicone hose, heat-resistant ceramic bowl, and a user-friendly spring system.

  • Convenient Design: Thoughtfully designed for maximum convenience, from the soft-touch silicone hose to the heat-resistant ceramic bowl, ensuring a hassle-free and enhanced smoking experience.

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