Al Fakher Guava

Size: 250gr
Sale price$16.00


Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco Guava

Indulge in the exotic and natural tropical flavor of Al Fakher Guava hookah tobacco. This blend captures the essence of guava with a delicious balance of moderate sweetness and a hint of refreshing notes. Al Fakher Guava is a fantastic choice for those looking for a fruity experience without overwhelming sweetness, making it an excellent alternative to spicier flavors.

Al Fakher, renowned for its uncompromising quality and consistent flavor profile, is a top choice among hookah enthusiasts worldwide.

If you like the unique taste of guava, Al Fakher's Guava shisha is a must try. With the right bowl and heat management, you can create voluminous clouds of smoke that rival even premium shisha brands. In addition, Al Fakher's Guava has a moderate nicotine content, providing a pleasant flavor without an overpowering high.

Embark on a journey of delicious and exotic hookah sessions by adding Al Fakher Guava to your collection. Elevate your shisha experience with this flavorful and well-balanced tropical delight.

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