Alpha Hookah Plate for Model X (No.20)

Sale price$25.00


The impressive plate crafted for the Alpha hookah, Model X (No.20), distinguishes itself with its impeccably proportioned dimensions, skillfully fashioned to guarantee a sturdy and visually pleasing foundation. This innovative tray showcases remarkable design for the accessory, delivering outstanding practicality and a hint of distinctive sophistication for an incomparable allure.

Sporting a spacious surface, the tray comfortably holds the lit charcoal, offering ample and secure room for this vital element of the hookah ritual. Its premium texture enhances visual appeal, effectively catching ash and preventing any mess on the floor. Enjoy hassle-free sessions devoid of unwanted residues, elevating the overall experience.

The meticulously planned design of this tray not only prioritizes aesthetics and functionality but also mirrors Alpha's meticulous attention to detail. Every element is intricately designed to ensure a superior hookah experience, providing stability, charcoal containment, and a pristine environment.

With the Model X (No.20) Tray, you're not only acquiring an essential accessory for your smoking sessions but also infusing a dash of elegance and unparalleled quality into your setup. Explore a new realm of pleasure with this tray, which seamlessly combines flawless functionality, sophisticated design, and unmatched resilience.

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