Alpha Hookah X XOXO

Color: Joker
Sale price$220.00


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The new XOXO collection features two original models that stand out for their distinctive and recognizable design inspired by the famous Joker and Harley Quinn comic book. The designers have captured thematic images on the saucer, and the packaging follows the corresponding style.

The Alpha Hookah Joker and Harley bong is a limited edition with an unusual design.

The hookah package includes several elements: a mouthpiece, a saucer, the shaft, a magnetic connector for the cup, a diffuser and a set of gaskets, the latter being made of silicone and the main part of the device made of metals such as aluminum and stainless steel.

Joker: Inspired by the comic book character, we seek to add a touch of chaos and spontaneity to everyday life, escaping the monotony with a broad smile.

Harley: Combining a bit of craziness and Harley Quinn's signature stunning beauty, the vibrant color of the puncher and mouthpiece adds a touch of quirkiness to everyday life. The color blends perfectly with the Harley-themed design engravings on the cymbal and base.

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