Aluminium Foil Shark Pre-cut

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Introducing Aluminium Foil Shark Pre-cut, your ultimate companion for hassle-free hookah sessions. With 50 pre-cut sheets, setup becomes a breeze, ensuring quick and easy preparation. Crafted with optimal strength at 38 microns thickness, it guarantees durable performance throughout your smoke sessions. Experience uniform heat distribution, promoting efficient combustion and smooth smoking every time. Crafted from top-quality aluminum, it guarantees untainted flavor, ensuring a pure and enjoyable smoke. Say goodbye to the hassle of using scissors with its pre-cut design, enhancing convenience and maximizing your enjoyment.



  • Hassle-Free Sessions: 50 pre-cut sheets ensure quick and easy setup.
  • Optimal Strength: 38 microns thickness for durable performance.
  • Uniform Heat Distribution: Ensures efficient combustion and smooth smoking.
  • Purity Guarantee: Crafted from top-quality aluminum for untainted flavor.
  • Convenience: Pre-cut design eliminates the need for scissors, enhancing enjoyment.

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