Amotion Roam Spike Hookah Online

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Elevate Your Hookah Enjoyment Anytime, Anywhere!

The spike is placed underneath the Roam, providing the possibility to insert the hookah into the ground. When using the spike, make sure it is deep enough in the ground to ensure optimal grip. Additionally, loose soil is generally unsuitable.


  • Terrain Stability: Conquer any landscape with the Amotion Roam Spike, ensuring stable shisha enjoyment in once-inaccessible locations.

  • Effortless Attachment: Secure the spike effortlessly beneath your Amotion Roam, guaranteeing a wobble-free experience on any type of ground.

  • Simple Installation: Transform your Amotion Roam into a shisha haven through a quick and convenient screw-on process, making installation a breeze.

  • Portable Shisha Space: The spike turns outdoor areas into shisha havens, perfect for hillside picnics or mountainous escapes, providing a portable oasis for your hookah enjoyment.

  • Ground-Embedding Security: A standout feature – the spike securely embeds, offering stability; choose a solid surface for optimal grip and ground-embedding security.

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