Arka Savant HMD

Color: Black
Sale price$42.00


Arka Savant HMD

Discover the ARKA Savant, the revolutionary modular thermal stabilization tool designed for the most demanding bong lovers! This unique device adapts to virtually all types of bowls on the market, offering a personalized smoking experience like no other.

With its interchangeable adapters and plates, the Savant becomes the most versatile and exclusive HMD in the world. Experience innovation with the world's first modular HMD, engineered with the latest thermal mapping technology to give you unmatched flavor and performance.

Precision CNC-manufactured from a single block of high-quality solid aluminum, the ARKA Savant is the first HMD that does not use low-grade die-cast aluminum. In addition, its laser-cut 316 stainless steel inner plate ensures exceptional quality and durability.

Join the smoking revolution with the ARKA Savant: a unique experience tailored to your preferences, with exceptional ease of use and compatible with virtually any type of bowl, discover a world of intense flavors and unparalleled performance with the ARKA Savant!

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