Bohemian Mini Base

Color: Black
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The Hookain Bowl Lit Lip Phunnel has a capacity of 13-17g. After about 1 hour, all the tobacco in the depot is evenly burned, although there are of course deviations in the type of tobacco and manufacturer.

The Lit Lip Phunnel from Hookain is made up of two different clays, which have been coordinated so that the tobacco head offers perfect heat management. The high-quality glaze and its processing protect the Phunnel from bleeding and is particularly durable.


Bohemian Mini Base


The Enchanted Elegance of the Bohemian Mini Base: Where Art Meets Functionality


Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and sophistication with our exquisite Bohemian Mini Base. Every detail of this handcrafted masterpiece was carefully designed to capture the essence of beauty and diversity.

At the top, pure, clear glass invites your eyes to contemplate the slowly drifting smoke as you enjoy a relaxing smoke. The clarity of the glass allows you to appreciate how the flavors mingle and how the clouds of smoke glide elegantly.

But as you descend toward the base, the glass transforms into a symphony of colors that dance with the light. The changing shades of blue and green blend harmoniously, recalling the serenity of the ocean and the calm of nature. Each twist of the hookah reveals a new color palette, offering a captivating visual experience.

The Bohemian Mini Base is not only a functional object, but also a piece of art that becomes the center of attention at any gathering. Meticulous design blends aesthetics and functionality, ensuring hookah stability while captivating with its singular beauty, catching every eye.

Enjoy the tranquility and relaxation that only a cut glass base can offer. Elevate your hookah experience with this unique piece, merging transparency and mesmerizing color changes for a visually enchanting session.


About Bohemian Mini


Where Beauty and Functionality Unite. This handcrafted masterpiece captures elegance and diversity with clear glass at the top, allowing you to savor hookah flavors and the graceful drift of smoke. As you descend, vibrant colors dance in harmony, reminiscent of ocean serenity. This functional work of art offers perfect stability and an enchanting visual experience, transforming your hookah moments into sublime relaxation.

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