Cornetto 4.0 Phunnel Bowl

Color: Brown
Sale price$22.00


Cornetto bowl, made of white and black clay, this combination allows a better performance to get the tobacco to cook and resist more during smoking.

Cornetto 4.0 Phunnel Bowl

Discover the new version of the Bakkali Cornetto, the latest evolution of the classic hookah bowl. This exceptional Phunnel -style bowl is crafted from the finest high-temperature white clay and is available in two versions, both designed to perfection.

Exceptional Heat Control and Compatibility

The Bakkali Cornetto excels in heat management, making it the ideal choice for long and flavorful smoking sessions. Thanks to its thick-walled construction, this bowl ensures comfortable and stable heat management. Furthermore, its size makes it compatible with various heat management devices, such as the Provost and Kaloud.

Choose from five exciting colors: Chocolate, Mint, Cream, Vanilla, and Strawberry. Each Bakkali Cornetto bowl features a stunning glaze reminiscent of a melting ice cream cone, adding a touch of fun to your smoking experience.

With every purchase, you’ll receive a custom-designed packaging box, meticulously and elegantly crafted to ensure your Bakkali Cornetto arrives safely, preserving its pristine condition and reflecting your impeccable taste.

Elevate your hookah experience to a new level with the Bakkali Cornetto. Discover the perfect blend of style, functionality, and heat management. Enjoy long and flavorful smoking sessions and select from a variety of charming colors to match your style. Enhance your shisha experience with Bakkali.


At Bakkali our goal is to be among the top 3 hookah stores in Spain. This statement reflects our ambition and dedication as we continuously strive to enhance every aspect of our store, working tirelessly to improve each day.

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