Cornetto 4.0 Tradi Bowl Online

Color: Orange
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Bakkali's Cornetto redefines Shisha bowls with its high-temperature white clay material, traditional 5-hole design, heat-optimized, and five exquisite colors, perfect for multiple hookahs and kaloud compatibility.

Cornetto 4.0 Tradi Bowl

The new version of Bakkali’s Cornetto is a true masterpiece in the world of shisha bowls. Fine white clay, innovative, heat-efficient.

The traditional 5-hole version allows you to extract the maximum flavor from your favorite tobaccos. Ideal design, quality material, stable heat.

This bowl will allow you to squeeze the most out of every tobacco you use in it. Thanks to its high-quality material, you will experience exceptional heat stability, providing the perfect temperature for each leaf. Versatile, ideal for Kaloud, easy cleaning.

Revolutionary Design: Unleash the Heat, Embrace Compatibility

Beyond its attractive aesthetics, the shape of Bakkali’s Cornetto is designed to concentrate heat in the loading area, making it compatible with a wide variety of hookahs. Its connection opening is strategically designed to fit any hose without the bowl moving or the risk of it falling off.

Unlike phunnel-type bowls, Bakkali’s Cornetto offers even more flavor and intensity and is especially easy to use with Kaloud-style heat managers.

Available in 5 exquisite colors: Chocolate, Mint, Cream, Vanilla, and Strawberry. Each bowl features a surprising glaze reminiscent of a melting ice cream cone.

Each Bakkali Cornetto comes in an elegant custom box, making it a perfect gift for shisha enthusiasts.

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