Cyril Bowl X Series – Hispania

Color: Cabo de Gata
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Cyril Hispania Bowl

Once upon a time in the land of Spain, renowned master craftsmen poured their heart and soul into creating a masterpiece known as the Hispania Bowl. This exquisite work of art was envisioned to celebrate the unity and mutual respect between the diverse regions of the peninsula.

Fashioned from the very tools of old warriors, the Hispania Bowl became a symbol of triumph over past conflicts. Warriors from all walks of life would gather, their spirits intertwined, to share the flavors of their hookahs. Fragrant swirls of tobacco danced in the air, evoking memories of battles won and brotherhood forged.

As the smoke enveloped their camaraderie, the warriors reveled in the triumph of peace and understanding. The Hispania Bowl stood tall, a testament to the resilience of a united people, and forever brought the sweet scent of harmony to the land of Spain.


More about Cyril Hispania Bowl

The Cyril Hispania Bowl is a compact, powerful, and portable hookah bowl that offers a perfect balance between performance and convenience.

  • Manufactured in High Temperature Clay
  • Easy to handle and clean.
  • Compatible with a wide range of HMD models.
  • Type: Tradi


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