Cyril Handle Hookah Slim Small (11.8in)

Color: Grey
Sale price$10.00


Cyril Handle Hookah Slim Small (11.8in)

Meet the Cyril Handle Hookah Slim Small (11.8in), a true marvel of hookah craftsmanship designed to take your smoking experience to another level! This carefully created handle features elegant lines and a slim profile that exudes sophistication through its ultra-slim design. The Cyril Handle is available in several captivating colors, highlighting style and versatility, perfectly complementing any hose with its exquisite aesthetics!

Designed with precision engineering, this handle features impressive specifications that ensure optimal performance with every use. With a perfect length of 11.8 inches, it strikes the ideal balance between portability and functionality, making it the perfect companion for both one-on-one sessions and group meetings! Its 0.08-inch internal diameter ensures smooth airflow, allowing you to enjoy rich and flavorful smoke clouds with ease.

Made of high-quality aluminum, the Cyril Handle is not only durable and strong, but also lightweight, offering unparalleled comfort during use! The inclusion of a 1.0 aluminum connector improves cohesion and matches the color of the mouthpiece, integrating seamlessly with your hookah setup.

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