Cyril Hookah Starter Blower

Color: Black
Sale price$40.00


Cyril Hookah Starter Blower

The Cyril Starter, an innovative electric hookah pump that accelerates the charcoal combustion process, setting a new standard in the world of shisha enthusiasts.

Manufactured with precision, the Cyril Starter changes the rules of the game, guaranteeing a faster and purer shisha experience. Its main function is to speed up the charcoal combustion process, eradicating harmful gases and undesirable odors that can arise from improper combustion. Say goodbye to the lingering taste of hot coals on your breath, as the Cyril Starter promises a quick and clean ignition.

Thanks to its robust electrical operation, this device ensures a continuous supply of air, effectively feeding the charcoal and promoting efficient combustion. This not only significantly reduces the time needed to prepare your shisha, but also elevates the quality of the smoke by eliminating unwanted by-products. The result is a cleaner, smoother and more satisfying shisha session that redefines your expectations.

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