Eternal Smoke Cuban Highball

Size: 250gr
Sale price$17.00


Eternal Smoke Cuban Highball

Indulge in the classic and delicious experience of Eternal Smoke Cuban Highball, the ideal hookah tobacco for those who appreciate tropical flavors. This exquisite shisha tobacco harmoniously combines fresh mint, a subtle hint of lime and the tantalizing essence of Caribbean nectar. Crafted to perfection, it promises a flavor profile that resonates with the most discerning tastes of all hookah enthusiasts.

Whether you're a seasoned hookah lover or a newcomer in search of a delicious experience, Eternal Smoke Cuban Highball is designed to please. Its balanced combination of menthol freshness, citrus undertones and sweet Caribbean nectar creates a universally pleasing flavor that will satisfy all who try it. Elevate your hookah sessions with the classic and delicious appeal of Eternal Smoke Cuban Highball, a choice that guarantees a rewarding and memorable experience for your taste buds.

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