Eternal Smoke Masala Chai

Size: 250gr
Sale price$17.00


Eternal Smoke Masala Chai

Meet the aromatic allure of Eternal Smoke Masala Chai, a distinguished hookah tobacco blend with a blend of Indian spices and flavors from the Enjoy series. Crafted for connoisseurs who savor the robust taste of potent spices, this flavorful hookah tobacco is an outstanding choice.

Belonging to the Enjoy series, Eternal Smoke Masala Chai prides itself on being made with natural ingredients, with no added chemicals or dyes. This strong, full-bodied hookah tobacco promises a smooth and flavorful smoke, providing enthusiasts with a rich and satisfying experience. If you are looking for a hookah tobacco that perfectly combines potency and flavor, your search ends with Eternal Smoke Masala Chai, a blend that embodies the essence of indulgence and authenticity.

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