Eternal Smoke Royals Cups

Size: 250gr
Sale price$17.00


Eternal Smoke Royals Cups

Transport yourself to the relaxing experience of an English tea session with Eternal Smoke Royals Cup hookah tobacco. The name provides a subtle hint, but it's the flavor that really sets this tobacco apart. Delighting your senses with a perfect balance of sweetness with a subtle hint of smokiness, this blend offers a distinctive and memorable experience.

The smooth, creamy smoke enhances the overall enjoyment, making it the ideal choice for a relaxing afternoon of relaxation.

Whether you're looking for a new smoking adventure or simply craving something that reminds you of your favorite cup of tea, Eternal Smoke Royals Cup entices you with an intriguing and satisfying flavor profile. Take a moment to explore the unique charm this blend brings to your hookah sessions.

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