Hookah Cooling Bazooka

Color: Black
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Hookah Cooling Bazooka

The Bazooka Cooling Mouthpiece gives you a very special pleasure for hot summer days with your shisha! Because it cools the smoke you inhale through this innovative mouthpiece. The idea behind it is as ingenious as it is simple: The fresh smoke gives you a pleasant sensation, especially in the heat, and even preserves the flavor of your favorite tobacco! What could be better for an occasion that you already like?

The cartridge with the approximately 35cm long mouthpiece cooling gel is simply placed in the freezer for an hour before use, then inserted back into the mouthpiece, placed on your silicone hose and the cool enjoyment of the shisha! The nozzle consists of two screwed parts, which makes cleaning much easier. The Bazooka is a real eye-catcher and a very elegant accessory for exceptional moments with your hookah. Do not miss it!

• Hose not included.
• Compatible with silicone hoses.
• Mixed colors.
• Length: 13 in approx

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