Color: Black
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The MOZE MATT RECTANGULAR: Stylish Hookah Tray with Odor-Absorbing Design

The MOZE MATT RECTANGULAR provides ample space for any type of bowl, whether large or small. It absorbs odors and, therefore, does not require separate storage. The color combination with corrugated sleeves and the high-quality surface completes its configuration.


  • Generous Bowl Space: Accommodate bowls of any size effortlessly, whether you prefer larger setups or more compact configurations.

  • Odor-Absorbing Design: Say goodbye to lingering odors as the tray efficiently absorbs and neutralizes them, eliminating the need for separate storage.

  • Stylish Color Combination: Elevate your hookah experience with a visually stunning color combination, enhanced by corrugated sleeves and a high-quality surface.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted for longevity, the MOZE MATT RECTANGULAR boasts a robust construction, ensuring it stands the test of time with your hookah sessions.

  • Easy Configuration: Enjoy hassle-free setup and use with a tray that effortlessly completes your hookah assembly, adding both style and functionality to your smoking experience.

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