Moze Tip Wild Line

Color: Black
Sale price$35.00


Elevate Your Hookah Sessions with a Fresh and Enjoyable Twist!

Moze Tips are ideal for enjoying hookah sessions with friends or at a lounge. Designed to ensure a hygienic smoking experience with shared mouthpieces, these tips function as disposable hygienic mouthpieces.

Crafted with a washable silicone base and an epoxy resin front, the tips can be effortlessly cleaned using common household cleaning products.


  • Moze Tips: Redefine Your Hookah Rituals with Friends, Offering Clean Enjoyment!

  • Experience Hookah Bliss with Moze Tips: Share the Flavor, Not the Germs!

  • Discover a New Standard in Hookah Enjoyment: Moze Tips for Fresh, Clean Sessions!

  • Moze Tips: Elevate Your Hookah Gatherings with Stylish Colors and Pure Enjoyment!

  • Enhance Your Hookah Experience: Moze Tips in Vibrant Colors for Unmatched Enjoyment!

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