Moze Varity Lounge Silver Frosted

Color: Black Steel
Sale price$290.00


Craft Your Own Vibe: Moze Varity Lounge Silver Frosted Hookah Journey

Elegant and trendy hookah serves as an ideal complement to any relaxed session with your pals. The frosted coating introduces a hint of refinement, and the silver tone exudes opulence. Thanks to its adaptable features, you can craft a hookah that is distinctly yours, expressing your individuality. Brace yourself for creating lasting memories with your crew as you savor the silky and gratifying smoke of the Moze Varity Lounge.


  • Design: The hookah boasts an elegant and trendy aesthetic, enhancing any relaxed session with friends.
  • Finish: The frosted coating adds a touch of refinement, contributing to the hookah's sophisticated appearance.

  • Material: The silver tone of the hookah exudes opulence, providing a luxurious feel.

  • Customization: The hookah comes with adaptable features, allowing users to craft a personalized smoking experience that reflects their individuality.

  • Experience: Users can expect a silky and gratifying smoke, creating lasting memories during their Moze Varity Lounge journey.

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