Moze Varity Squad Black Frosted

Color: Black Steel
Sale price$310.00


Moze Varity: Tailor-Made Hookah Bliss with 96 Customization Paths!

At Moze, we emphasize the importance of delightful smoking sessions and individualized customization. Featuring 96 distinctive choices, our newest model enables you to completely personalize your hookah according to your preferences. Whether you lean towards a compact or expansive size, a screw or plug bowl, a shorter or longer sleeve, and beyond, the Varity provides limitless options. Transform it into a genuine reflection of your taste with the Moze Varity.


  • Tailor-Made Hookah Bliss: Highlights the customized and personalized nature of the smoking experience offered by Moze Varity.

  • 96 Customization Paths: Emphasizes the extensive range of choices available for personalizing the hookah, showcasing variety and individualization.

  • Completely Personalize Your Hookah: Encourages users to fully tailor their hookahs based on their preferences, underlining the idea of individualized customization.

  • Limitless Options: Expresses the abundant choices users have, suggesting that the Varity model opens up a wide range of possibilities for customization.

  • Genuine Reflection of Your Taste: Promotes the idea that the Moze Varity allows users to make their hookah a true representation of their personal preferences, adding a touch of authenticity to the smoking experience.

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