Mr Shisha Mini Khalifa Hookah

Color: Black
Sale price$160.00


 Mr. Shisha Mini Khalifa Hookah

Discover the Marvels of the hookah the Experience the epitome of shisha smoking luxury with the Mr. Shisha Mini Khalifa. Crafted from high-quality V2A stainless steel, this hookah redefines aesthetics and performance. Here are the top five standout features:

  • Impressive Height: Standing at approximately 36 cm with the base, it’s a sleek marvel that combines form and function effortlessly.
  • Snap Closure Mechanism: Enhancing its striking design, this mechanism ensures a secure fit and adds elegance to your shisha setup.
  • Integrated Cup Collector: Say goodbye to messy spills and cluttered sessions – this feature keeps your shisha experience neat and tidy.
  • Adjustable Purge System: Fine-tune your smoking experience with six positions, whether you prefer thick clouds or a milder draw.
  • Stunning Finishes: Available in Gold, Silver, Bronze, Black, and Blue, there’s a Mr. Shisha Mini Khalifa to match your style.

Additionally, enjoy a comprehensive accessory package for the ultimate shisha session.


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