Steamulation Silicon Hose Soft-Touch

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Steamulation Silicon Hose Soft-Touch

The Steamulation Silicon Hose Soft-Touch, a revolutionary addition to your hookah experience. Crafted with precision and pride, this silicone hose redefines enjoyment with its unmatched qualities.

Step into a realm of extraordinary sensation with our Soft-Touch texture, a feature that sets this hose apart from the rest. Each draw is met with a velvety touch, enhancing every puff with a luxurious feel.

But it's not just about feel—our hose boasts a sleek matte finish that not only adds sophistication to your setup but also streamlines its appearance. The marriage of matte colors and a slender design ensures both functionality and aesthetic appeal, elevating the look of your hookah.

Measuring in at 3mm thick, with an inner diameter of 11mm and a generous length of 150cm, this hose is as sturdy as it is flexible. Experience optimal airflow for a smooth and effortless smoking session, whether you're a casual enthusiast or a seasoned connoisseur.

Join the ranks of those who demand the best in hookah enjoyment—choose Steamulation Silicon Hose Soft-Touch for an experience like no other.

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