Steamulation Ultimate Hookah

Color: Gold Matt Metallic
Sale price$520.00


Steamulation Ultimate Hookah

The Steamulation Ultimate boasts the world's most advanced blow-out system for multi-tube hookahs, featuring the innovative Steamulation Purge Pro valves. These unique valves allow anyone in your smoking circle to effortlessly blow out the bowl without the need to remove valve balls.

With Moon Gravity technology, the 4-hose draft on the Steamulation Ultimate is perfected for an unparalleled smoking experience. The distinction in smoking behavior between 1-hose and 4-hose models is largely attributed to the necessity for check valve balls.

For enhanced control and customization, the optional Cooling Control Adapter directs a portion of the blown-out air back into the upper smoke column towards the tobacco head. This targeted cooling capability allows for precise temperature regulation of the tobacco head. The adjustable air volume can be customized, allowing you to switch it off or maintain a permanent activation based on your preferences. Elevate your hookah experience with the cutting-edge features of the Steamulation Ultimate.

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