Steamulation Xpansion Mini

Color: Carbon Black Red
Sale price$290.00


Steamulation Xpansion Mini

Introducing Steamulation Xpansion Mini - the next revolution in threaded closure technology. With SteamClick 360 and a separate segment design, this is more than just a "plug and smoke" shisha.

Experience the benefits of precision and innovation with Steamulation.

Experience the cutting-edge innovation of the Steamulation Xpansion Mini, featuring the foundational X-Blow Off system. This revolutionary blow-off system allows on-the-fly adjustments while smoking, granting you the flexibility to change the blow-off effortlessly. The versatile X-Blow Off adapter is adaptable for placement both above the base and below the plate.

Enhancing customization, the Xpansion Mini comes equipped with the Blow Off plate, providing 14 distinct blow-off options that can be activated or deactivated with a simple turn. Elevating your experience further, there's an option to upgrade to a second X-Blow Off adapter, expanding the range to an impressive 31 options. It's worth noting that Steamulation stands as the pioneer and inventor of this groundbreaking technology, ensuring you enjoy a hookah experience at the forefront of innovation.

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