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The Timeless Pick for Every Classic Kick


Stainless steel tongs, your indispensable companion for the ultimate hookah experience. Crafted meticulously with premium-grade stainless steel, these tongs boast unparalleled durability and longevity, ensuring they stand the test of time. With a sleek and ergonomic design, they offer optimum control and precision, making handling charcoal a breeze.

Measuring approximately 9 inches in length with a generous 2-inch opening, these tongs cater to a variety of hookah charcoal sizes, ensuring versatility and convenience with every use. The classic steel color exudes sophistication and seamlessly complements any hookah setup, adding a touch of elegance to your smoking sessions.

But what truly sets the 'TONG CLASSIC' apart is its exceptional resistance to high temperatures. Engineered to withstand extreme heat, these tongs provide a safe and reliable grip, allowing you to maneuver hot charcoal with confidence and ease. Say goodbye to flimsy, unreliable tongs and embrace the reliability and durability of the 'TONG CLASSIC.

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