Tower Wind Cover Heat It Up

Color: Black
Sale price$27.00


Unveiling the Heat It Exotic Wind Cover for an Elevated Hookah Experience

Introducing the Heat It Exotic Wind Cover for exotic style hookah, a masterpiece of design and functionality. Made from the highest quality aluminium, this wind cover ensures optimal protection for your shisha experience, while adding a touch of charm and elegance to your setup.


  • Exotic Style: Immerse in the mysterious allure of faraway cultures with intricate oriental motifs, creating a unique atmosphere in every hookah smoke.
  • Durable Craftsmanship: Exceptional durability and corrosion resistance ensure that this wind cover remains in perfect condition over time.
  • Elegant Reflection: The shiny, polished surface reflects light in an elegant way, adding a special glow to your shisha space.
  • Functionality: Beyond aesthetics, experience outstanding functionality by preventing coals from extinguishing prematurely and ensuring a smoother smoking experience.
  • Smart Design: Proper air circulation around the charcoal leads to more efficient combustion and better tasting tobacco, allowing you to immerse yourself in a superior hookah experience.

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