Tradi Hookah Base

Color: Black Shadow
Sale price$39.90


Tradi Hookah Base

Immerse yourself in Russian-style authenticity with the Tradi Hookah Base, the perfect choice for shisha lovers who want to enjoy a traditional experience. This innovative accessory is compatible with all types of shishas, making it a versatile addition for any water pipe smoker.

With carefully designed dimensions, the TRADI base features a neck diameter of 1.7 inches, ideal to perfectly fit any type of shisha hose. With a height of 9.8 inches, it adds an elegant presence to your shisha setup, making it a standout accessory in any setting.

TRADI BASE is constructed with high quality materials, offering exceptional durability. Choose from a variety of colors to customize your smoking experience, aligning it with your unique personal style for even more enjoyment.

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