Vyro One Forged

Color: Forged
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Vyro One Forged

Introducing the enhanced VYRO - One, a meticulously crafted portable hookah that boasts a sleek redesign. Now featuring an updated blow-out valve, a hose end piece with O-ring, and a detachable carbon sleeve with thread, the VYRO - One sets a new standard in travel hookahs.

Crafted with precision using V2A stainless steel and authentic carbon, this innovative hookah has undergone meticulous design, development, and testing by AEON since the summer of 2018.


In the box you will find:

  • Replaceable carbon sleeve with thread
  • V2A stainless steel stembase
  • V2A stainless steel lid
  • V2A stainless steel downstem with integrated diffuser
  • V2A stainless steel smoke tube
  • V2A stainless steel blow-out tube with blow-out valve
  • V2A head adapter
  • V2A hose end piece with O-rings

Designed for versatility, the VYRO - One's body is constructed from genuine carbon, offering unparalleled durability compared to traditional glass hookahs. Ideal for on-the-go enthusiasts and festival-goers alike, its stability is further enhanced by the revolutionary blow-out system, allowing for smoke to be released below the water level.

The thoughtful design of the VYRO - One ensures a low center of gravity, providing exceptional stability despite its compact size. Positioned at the bottom are both the hose connection and blow-out valve, preventing kinks in the hose and minimizing the risk of tipping. Experience a smooth and enjoyable draw with the integrated diffuser.

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