Vyro Penta Hookah

Color: Blue-Clear
Sale price$219.00


Vyro Penta Hookah

With brutal performance and high-quality materials such as carbon fiber, V2A steel and resin. Developing an innovative purge system in which the smoke comes out from above.

• Hose adapter.
• Carbon fiber body.
• V2A stainless steel parts


The Vyro Penta Hookah is a modern hookah designed to deliver an unparalleled smoking experience. It combines premium materials like carbon fiber and V2A stainless steel, delivering a mesmerizing visual spectacle that complements the rich aroma and flavor of your chosen tobacco blend.

The innovative purge system directs smoke gracefully from above, a departure from traditional hookahs. The Penta Hookah is offered as a standalone product, with the hose and handle not included. Customize your smoking experience by choosing the hose and handle that best match your style and needs.

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