Hookah for beginners! - Hookah Partner

We've all been in your shoes at some point, but don't worry, we're here to help you! Preparing a hookah is not that complicated but it’s an important and enjoyable process. We recommend starting low so you can find what you really like and then you can start your collection. Agni Atrax is one of our best option or if you want something higher end you can try Supra XS Glaze.

What should you have for a great hookah set?

  • Hookah pipe with a base and stem check our post about selecting a hookah.
  • Bowl or head (clay, ceramic, or glass)
  • Hookah hose(s)
  • Charcoal (natural coconut is recommended)
  • Hookah tobacco or shisha.
  • Foil or a heat management device
  • Hookah tongs

Cleanliness comes first!

Wash the base, stem, and hoses with warm water to remove any dust or debris. If not, the flavor of your tobacco could be affected (it could taste very bad!), reducing its quality and achieving an unpleasant taste.

Add water to your base.

Fill the base of the hookah with water until it covers the lower stem by 1 to 2 inches. It should be high enough to go up the mast, but not so high that you suck water through the hose. You can even use some ice for a cooling session, but it depends on your preferences.

Set up the hookah!

Connect the mast to the base, some models are secured with the rubber included and some others with a base connector. Assemble the hoses to their ports, make sure you have connected them correctly or use special rubber to hold them better. If you cover the purge and the bowl hole and you blow there should be not air coming out the hookah.

Let's pack the bowl!

Loosely add the hookah tobacco to your bowl (shisha). Fluff it with your fingers to ensure good air flow. Be careful! Don't harm your session by overfilling, because you won't get enough smoke, your session won't last, and the flavor will be altered.

You should cover the container with special hookah aluminum foil or use a heat management device. If you use aluminum foil, make sure it is tight and secure, with a few small holes poked with a hookah poker or toothpick. This allows air to flow and prevents burning charcoal from directly touching the shisha. Check our post about packing a bowl.

Let's light the charcoal burner!

Light the hookah charcoal using a charcoal burner or gas stove, make sure to be careful in this step, we want to avoid accidents. It will take several minutes for the charcoal to turn red hot, make sure the charcoal is completely red.

Carefully place the hot charcoal on top of the aluminum foil or heat management device using the tongs for added safety. Make sure the charcoal is evenly distributed to heat the shisha evenly.

Let's start the session!

Let the hookah begin to heat up and produce smoke. Pull slowly and steadily on the hose and inhale the flavored smoke. If the smoke becomes harsh or the flavor diminishes, you can adjust the heat by adding or removing charcoal.

Purge!! Always purge before smoking, you will see experts smoking one and purging other time, that clean the air inside the hookah.

Your session is ready, welcome to the Hookah Family!