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One of the most important steps is knowing how to pack a hookah bowl; your smoking session could be affected if we don't do it correctly. It may seem complicated but in reality, it’s not, let's see how it’s done:

First, what do I need?
  • Hookah bowl
  • Hookah tobacco/ shisha
  • Aluminum foil or a heat management device
  • Charcoal (coco charcoal is always the best option!)
  • Hookah charcoal tongs
  • Charcoal Burner
  • And a hookah! ;-)

Let's do it!

Add the tobacco to your bowl, it's important to make sure it's loose and not tight. Filling the bowl too much can restrict airflow and make your smoking experience difficult. Some tobacco the leaf is very big, so we recommend to use a table to cut it and make it more cut. 

You can use aluminum foil (we recommend 38 micron Shark foil, the thinness will affect your smoke) or a heat control device to cover the hookah bowl. Either option is pretty good, depending on your preference. If you use aluminum foil, cover the bowl completely and leave some excess. Stretch the aluminum foil tightly over the bowl, making sure it is smooth and taut. We recommend using a screen to hold the charcoals and reduce the heat. 

We will need to puncher to make holes in the aluminum foil,  we like to make 3 circles but  there are many other ways.  The holes should be evenly spaced and cover the entire surface of the sheet. This allows air to flow and heat the shisha evenly. 

If you prefer HMD we highly recommend Kaloud Lotus 1 for a more strong session or even when you are in a ventilate area or Cyril Russian stainless if you like a more open Hmd to control the heat.

Light the charcoal, we like Arka 26mm because the size and heat are very consistent, with a charcoal burner, or some other heat source that is safe enough that accidents will not occur. Make sure the charcoal is completely lit and glowing red from all sides. Let the charcoal heat the shisha by placing it on the aluminum or your heat manager. You will start to see smoke as it heats up.

Once the bowl is hot and producing smoke, inhale slowly and steadily to enjoy the flavor and aroma of the shisha. Exhale the smoke in a controlled manner.

You can control the heat by adjusting the location of the charcoal or adding or removing charcoal as needed, feel free to experiment. And ready! You can now enjoy a session with your hookah!

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