The Best Hookahs for Traveling

Traveling and enjoying a good hookah is now an essential for any shisha enthusiast. The perfect combination should include a portable hookah with an essential kit, easy to clean, and with the ideal carrying bag. In this blog, we explore the best options on the market, perfect to be your travel companion. Not only are they compact and lightweight, but they also guarantee an exceptional experience, ideal for your greatest adventures without any hassle.

Vyro One
Made of stainless steel and carbon, the Vyro One is perfect to take with you. Its durable materials are ideal for outdoor use, with the purge and hose port located at the bottom of the hookah for added stability. Its 16 cm size makes it your travel companion. Additionally, you can find the official Vyro bag to carry the complete kit, including hose, bowl, tobacco, and whatever you need.

Amotion Roam
Its system is designed to perform perfectly, with the most corrosion and dirt-resistant materials. Magnets make its assembly easier and more stable. Another standout feature of this mini beast is its purge: vertically inverted from the lid joint, perfectly clearing the hookah and providing a unique visual spectacle. Additionally, its kit fits perfectly with the vibrant colors characteristic of the Amotion Roam. You can find the matching bag, handle, mat, and hose.

Hookah Station Mini On
If you prefer something more traditional, the Hookah Station Mini On is the perfect hookah for you. Its mini size makes it ideal to take anywhere. The full set is one of the brand’s most important features, so you won’t need to buy extra accessories as it includes a silicone hose, bowl, spring hose, spring, base, and backpack. Available in vibrant colors, its base also glows in the dark.

Agni Hookah Rock
With a unique design, the new Agni Hookah Rock offers a cool, stylish, and luminous session thanks to its built-in LED lights. Its full set includes a hose, bowl, spring, and tongs. Add a touch of flair to your trip with the Agni Hookah Rock.

These hookahs not only offer convenience and practicality but also a superior smoking experience regardless of the destination. Find the ideal option for you and enjoy your adventures with your hookah always by your side. Happy travels and happy smoking!