Using a Hookah Heat Manager: The three most common mistakes and how to fix them.

Using a heat manager isn't as complicated as it seems, but many times we misuse it. As hookah enthusiasts, we're sure your priority is to enhance your experience. So here are three common mistakes to avoid and maximize your smoking session. 

Too much tobacco: Overpacking the hookah bowl is one of the main (and biggest) mistakes. More tobacco doesn't mean more flavor and more smoke, unfortunately, because it can hinder airflow and result in an unpleasant, burnt session. To do it correctly, simply fill the bowl to the brim without pressing the tobacco. Leave some space between the tobacco and the top of the bowl to allow better airflow. 

Incorrect charcoal usage: Properly managing the heat of the tobacco is crucial, and one of the main mistakes is not doing so. Don't use too many coals, and never place them directly on the tobacco. Distributing an adequate amount of coals around the edges of the HMD (Heat Management Device) is the best option for even heat distribution. Remember to rotate the coals to ensure proper heat distribution throughout the bowl. ARKA Coconut is a charcoal specially made for having smooth sessions.

Failure to control temperature: Not paying enough attention to the temperature of the hookah session is a fairly common mistake. It's important to prevent the tobacco from burning or the smoke from getting too hot. If you notice the smoke is too hot, remove one of the coals or ventilate the HMD by lifting the lid for a few seconds to allow excess heat to escape. If the smoke is too mild, add an additional coal or adjust the HMD ventilation as needed. One of the best and easiest heat managers to balance temperature is the new Cyril Russian HMD.

Correcting these mistakes will give you a smoother, more flavorful, and satisfying hookah experience. Remember always to pay attention to the tobacco, coals, and temperature to get the best results!

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