Hookah Set Buying Guide

Are you looking for a unique way to relax and enjoy life with your friends and family? There are an ample number of ways to do it. But picking up a hookah set is the most unique way. Hookahs are becoming a rage among people who desire to have fun and make the most of every moment. It has become one of ttt7he essential party accessories or products in metropolitan cities.

However, before indulging in a hookah experience, it is essential to pick the right one. Choosing the perfect hookah set can be slightly difficult for newbies. But, with the help of Hookah Partners, one can easily buy the finest hookah set according to their requirements. The brand offers a wide range of hookahs and other accessories for a chill and a nice time.

But before taking the plunge to buy a hookah, it is essential to know about it and the proper way to find it. Hence, choose the best hookah according to one's needs with the help of this hookah buying guide. It will ease your task in many ways and help you to get your hands on the best hookah for house parties.

What Is Hookah Set?

Hookah is known to be a water pipe that is used to smoke a nice and flavorful tobacco, or shisha. A hookah set comprises elements like the head, body, and hose. In the bowl, tobacco needs to be placed and is then covered with a thin sheet of aluminum foil. Above this foil sheet, charcoal is placed. It offers heat to the tobacco so that when the tobacco is inhaled with the help of the hose, smoke gets created. Tobacco hookah, most of the time, is scented or flavored. It involves different sweeteners and can be savored in unique flavors.

What Are The Types Of Hookah?

Before buying the right hookah set, it is essential to know its types. There are different types of hookahs that you can buy for your enjoyment and fun.

  • Traditional Hookahs

Classic or traditional hookahs have a glass base, one or two hoses, and a long stem. These hookahs involve charcoal for shisha heating placed inside the bowl.

  • Ehookahs

These are the latest hookahs that are being loved by many. However, some of the ehookahs look like traditional ones, but instead of using charcoal for shisha heating, there are batteries as well as heating coils involved. These are used to atomize e-liquids such as box mods or vapes. Also, some of the other ehookahs have adapters that can be placed on top of the already ongoing hookah. It replaces the shisha bowl as well as charcoal with vapour clouds that are powered by a battery.

  • Portable Hookahs

This type of hookah is a compact version of a hookah. It has a modern design and sacrifices quantity over portability. Portable hookahs involve traditional charcoal as well as shisha. They are completely different from a traditional hookah.

  • Mini Hookahs

The conventional hookahs, but in a mini version, are mini. They are meant for personal use and have one hose and a tiny bowl.

Different Components Of A Hookah Set

There are different components of a hookah set. Knowing these components will help you buy the right hookah set. The head is known to be the top part of it, which contains a valve. It helps regulate how much air gets out of it.

The body holds the water. Plus, it helps to filter dust, debris, or any other particles available in the smoke. The last component of a hookah set is the hose. It is through the hose that the smoke is inhaled.

There are other components to a hookah set, like the base, mouthpiece, as well as ashtray.

How Hookah Set Works?

The hookah set works simply. After lighting the charcoal placed on top of the tobacco, it heats the shisha. This helps in producing smoke. The smoke is then pulled and filtered through the water present in the hookah's body. All of it happens before you inhale the smoke via the hose. Moreover, the water helps cool the smoke.

How To Choose The Best Hookah Set?

There are a lot of options in hookah sets. However, before buying them, it is essential to ponder upon some factors before finalizing anything.

Here are a few points that you should not ignore when choosing the best hookah set:

  • Hookah Size

Hookahs are available in different shapes as well as sizes. You can go for floor-standing models, tabletop varieties, etc. For beginners, the best hookah is one that can sit easily on a small table, which makes it easy to access for everyone.

  • Material

Another thing when buying the best hookah set is its material. The best ones are classics or traditional. They are made of glass bottles along with copper and brass fittings, or claw bowls. Traditional hookahs not only look good but are going to last a long time. However, new designs on new hookahs are made up of stainless steel and also look good. However, try to avoid plastic or other breakable materials.

  • Hoses

A lot of hookahs are available with one hose and have two connectors. But there are some hookahs with three or four connectors as well. With the right options, you can even add another hose to the hookah. However, if you have a plan to enjoy it with more than two people, then, as one of the hookah pipe-buying precautions, pick a hookah model with more connectors. Also, hookah hose material matters. Go for a food-grade silicone hose that is wrapped with metal braid material for better support.

  • Bowl Size

Another thing that matters when choosing the best hookah is bowl size. A large bowl will take some time to heat up as well as longer to smoke. Whereas, too small a bowl is going to run out soon. This is why you need to handle this delicate matter with care. For beginners, small bowls are better than big ones, as they are better to repack than waste your shisha.

  • Downstems

Removable downstems as well as diffusers for hookahs are simple to clean. They are dishwasher-safe, as per the model. If you are buying a hookah for the first time, then it is convenient to go for one that is simple to clean as well as maintain.

  • Pricing Point

Rather than wasting your money on a cheap hookah, it is better to spend money on the best hookah set all at once.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Best Hookah Set?

Here are some of the benefits of buying the best hookah set:

  • They are made of superior-quality materials as compared to normal hookahs.
  • Good-quality hookah sets come with accessory options like two hoses, better-quality bowls, ashtrays, etc.
  • The best hookah set is going to have better airflow. This will help you experience a smooth smoke, which offers a phenomenal hookah experience.
  • You will notice that buying the best hookah set means having a luxurious design with intricate detailing and a metal look. However, this cannot be said for normal hookahs.
  • The best hookah set with great quality can last for a long time, which is not the same for regular hookahs.
  • A good-quality hookah set can lead to fewer health risks than a normal hookah.
  • You will experience a smooth taste of tobacco and flavours, which will offer a relaxing and soothing experience.

How Do Hookah Partners Offer The Best Hookah Sets?

Opting for a hookah set offers a premium and smooth experience which is essential. Hookah Partners are the experts in the realm of shisha. They offer a premium and exceptional range of hookahs, such as:

Hookah Partners even offers hookahs of different brands, like the Teeny 4 hookah, in different sizes. You can even explore their range of hookahs by region, material, and price. Even if you are looking for hookah accessories, bases, bowls, shisha, etc., they have it all. Hookah Partners offers the finest smoking experience with their exceptional hookahs.


  1.  What Kind Of Products Are Offered By Hookah Partners?

It offers shisha, hookahs, hookah accessories, bowls, bases, and a lot more for a phenomenal hookah experience.

  1. Do I Need To Ponder Upon The Pricing Point While Buying A Hookah Set?

To buy the best hookah set, you can go for a one-time investment rather than opting for a normal hookah set.

  1. What Bowl Size Should A Beginner Opt For In A Hookah Set?

As a beginner, it is convenient to opt for a small bowl rather than a big one.

  1. How Many Types Of Hookahs Are There?

There are traditional hookahs, ehookahs, portable hookahs, and mini hookahs.

  1. What Hookah Material Should I Go For?

Go for traditional hookahs with glass bottles and copper and brass fittings.

  1. Can The Best Hookah Set Affect Tobacco And Flavor?

Yes, the best hookah set will offer smooth tobacco and an intense flavor experience.

  1. Do Hookah Partners Offer Hookah Packs?

Yes, Hookah Partners also offers packs like the Vyro hookah Penta pack, burner and charcoal hookah pack, etc.

  1. Which Downstems Should Be Chosen By Beginners?

It is better to opt for Downstems that are easy to clean as well as maintain.

  1. Is Portable Hookah A Better Option For A Single User?

Yes, portable hookahs are meant for a single person.

  1. Which Hookah Type Is Best Out Of All?

Traditional hookahs are the best type of all.