How much water should you put in your Hookah base?

The water level of a Hookah is an extremely important factor, the functioning of your Hookah will totally depend on this fact, there must be an optimal level, a lot of water is bad and a little water is also bad. We explain what happens in both cases:

If you use too much water:

Difficulty in inhaling: With too much water, you may need to inhale more forcefully to pull the smoke through the water, which can be uncomfortable and require more effort.
Potential water splash: If the water level is extremely high, there is a risk of water rising up the hose and even into the bowl, which can ruin the tobacco and create a mess.
Reduced airflow: Excessive water can obstruct the airflow through the hookah’s downstem, making it difficult to draw smoke from the bowl through the water and into the hose. This can result in a weak and unsatisfying smoke session.
Impaired flavor and cooling: The purpose of the water in a hookah is to cool and filter the smoke. Excessive water can make the smoke less cool and reduce the effectiveness of filtration, affecting the flavor and overall smoking experience.
Risk of damaging the hose and hookah: If water is pulled up into the hose or enters the stem of the hookah, it can lead to damage over time, such as rust or mold growth. This can also affect the cleanliness and hygiene of your hookah.

Now what happens if we add little water?

Harsh and hot smoke: With too little water, the smoke won’t be adequately cooled, resulting in a harsh and hot smoke that can be uncomfortable to inhale and may irritate your throat and lungs.

Potential damage to the hookah: If the water level is extremely low, there’s a risk of overheating and damaging the bowl or other parts of the hookah due to direct contact with the hot charcoal.

Poor flavor: The water also plays a role in enhancing the flavor of the shisha tobacco. With insufficient water, you may not get the full, rich flavor profile you’d expect from your chosen tobacco, as the smoke won’t be adequately purified and cooled.