How to choose the best Hookah for you?

Choosing a hookah is quite important, the quality of your smoking session will depend on it. There is a wide variety of options on the market: some luxurious and excellent performance and others at affordable prices with incredible quality. There are several factors to consider:

Materials and build quality:

The best hookahs made of high-quality materials, the best will be stainless steel or even vinyl with Stainless, those are the best option for a durable device and to avoid rust. You can also get good options on aluminum or acrylic. Check the build quality, including welds and connections, to reduce the chance of leaks and provide a better experience, also consider that many high-end brands are not complete set so remember that when you pick your best hookah. 

Size and portability:

Depending on your needs and preferences, you could choose the size of the hookah and how to transport it. There are a wide variety of models so you can take on a trip, such as Amotion Roam or Vyro One, some include a ready kit with a bag to take with you like Agni Mystic. 

If you are looking for a home or lounge hookah the first thing you need to think is if you like to hold your hookah on the table or the floor, more traditional smokers like to put his hookah on the floor so for those ones you can use bigger size like Zahrah Genie or something smaller but with more modern design like Amotion Flash Bang.

Special features:

Some hookahs include a complete kit such as hose, bowl, and base; some others need extra accessories to ensure proper functioning. Consider what special accessories you would need to purchase to choose a specific model. Some of them can even be modified with extra accessories.

Smoke alone or share with friends? Some hookah options allow you to connect several hoses and some others only one, there are even special adapters so that your hookah becomes a multihose model, like Agni Future or Steamulation Ultimate.

Cleanliness is important! Your experience in your future smoking sessions depends on this, so make sure that your hookah is easy to disassemble so that you can give it optimal maintenance. There different brush for all parts of the hookah so be sure you at least got one for base, other for stem and last one for handle. 

Recommendations and Reviews:

You can look at recommendations and reviews; you can even learn new things or discover characteristics of your favorite hookah.

You choose!

At the end of the day, it is you who decides which hookah to take, feel free to choose the color, model, brand, etc. that you like the most. Enjoy every moment from your purchase to having it in your home. Every smoking experience is great!

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