Wind Covers: Protection and Heat Control for Your Hookah

Every detail matters to enjoy your Hookah session, starting from the tobacco to heat management, and one of the accessories you can add to your setup are the wind covers, specially designed to protect and control the heat of your shisha. In this blog, learn how you can enhance your experience and why you should opt for a wind cover.

First things first… What are they?

Wind covers are accessories specially designed to shield your bowl from the wind, controlling the heat during smoking. They are made of metal, and you can find fun and interesting designs, especially these Cyril Wind Covers for high temperatures. The design of these accessories allows you to easily place them over the bowl to protect the charcoal and tobacco from external elements, especially if you smoke outdoors like at the beach or in a garden.

Protection against the Wind

As we mentioned, one of their benefits is their ability to shield from the wind, especially in places where there are air currents, thus preventing the charcoal from cooling down and ruining your session. Wind covers act as a protective barrier, keeping enough heat and preventing it from affecting the combustion of the tobacco. They come in all sizes, for both large and small Hookahs.

Heat Control

Controlling the heat during the session is super important, and the wind cover allows for a more uniform combustion of the tobacco, preventing it from burning too quickly or cooling prematurely, which contributes to a consistent and flavorful smoke.

Enhancement of Smoking Experience

Furthermore, you can enjoy more intense flavors and an overall more pleasant session, especially because you can adjust the intensity of the session according to your personal preferences, so choose your favorite wind cover and start enhancing your sessions.